Easter service

Absolutely blew me away!

Palm Sunday

A church home!

More counseling


It is what it is

There is no such thing as being “severely diabetic” or “quite diabetic” or having diabetes “really bad” or just having a “touch of diabetes.” If you have diabetes, you have diabetes, period. There is no scale on which a person’s diabetes is rated in terms of severity or it’s goodness or badness. You have it. It sucks. But it is what it is.

The misconceptions about diabetes can drive me crazy………..especially because those of us who have Type 1 are often pitied and said to have it “really bad” or have the “really bad kind”. It’s all bad.. And just because someone uses insulin doesn’t mean they have it “real bad”. It actually means they have more freedom to eat and act like someone without diabetes.


Rant over.

First birthday!


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